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This summer, I had the opportunity to visit the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Museum as a guest of the visually impaired. Here is a short video of me touring the museum with my visual impairment, along with a brief description of the museum's history and exhibits.

The museum borrows memorabilia from Huerta's personal collection, including the iconic red knitted sweater with the UFW logo. There are a number of interactive exhibits with which guests can interact, as well as a guide for the visually impaired. The audio description of the guide recommends that you consult the museum website for information on the history and exhibits, as well as a list of exhibits and events for the visually impaired.

In 1940, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt founded what is now known as the National Training Center. In 1974, the land at the historic site of Allensworth was purchased by the California State Parks and became Colonel Allenworth State Historic Park. The regiment was reflagged on 16 October 1994 and retrained with the best of its abilities for the rest of the war.

The Delano California Museum, a world-class immersive exhibition program with world-class immersive exhibitions and programs that are coming up this year to celebrate all facets of California. Travelling and original exhibitions illuminate the changing collection of artifacts and artefacts from the history, culture and heritage of the state.

The Delano California Museum, an existing opportunity to work closely with the California Department of Natural Resources, California State University, San Diego, and the University of California, Berkeley.

We are a young, professional organization and we think that there is a lot in Delano that you would not find in Los Angeles or Orange County. The city itself is nice to live in, but compared to what Phoenix has to offer, it is very boring. Bakersfield would be better suited to professional areas and would take anything that LA or OC have to make offers. I grew up in LA and have a good understanding of what LA / OC has and what can be offered in terms of art, science, technology, engineering, art history, etc.

The picnic area has barbecue stands and tables and is shaded by trees planted by the California Conservation Corps. If you want a good view of Oakland and the stars, visit Golden Gate Park in Oakland, just a few blocks from the museum.

Revolution in the Fields reveals the life and work of Dolores Huerta, one of the world's most famous civil rights activists. Huerta visited Houston with an exhibition about her, and it was the first living person's photo exhibition to be exhibited at the Holocaust Museum of Houston. The exhibition also features photos of the UFW, a Sacramento-based Chicano art and activist group that helped advance the anti-war movement and other social justice causes. Take a private guided tour and learn more about the history of the museum and its history as a museum. It was also the first Latina exhibition and the first - of her kind - of a black woman's photo exhibition in the body of a white woman.

The Chavez family would eventually have eight children and thirty grandchildren, and they settled in Los Angeles, California, as far north as possible. In early 1966, he decided that the strike should be more visible and prepared the De Delano Plan, a plan for a national strike against the US government. In collaboration with Chavez's ideas, Valdez based "Plan de delano" on the historic "Plan de Ayala" proclaimed by the Mexican revolutionary Emiliano Zapata on November 25, 1911, which set out the principles of the Mexican Revolution and the national liberation movement in Mexico.

Through continuous restoration and special events, the city is reviving as a State Historical Park. There is always something new to see in the museum and there is no better way to spend a day outside than by taking a walk through the historic city of De Delano, California. This time is the perfect time to explore the characteristic neighborhoods of this dynamic East Bay city.

The FDR Museum is easy to navigate and features a number of free handheld devices that users can try out. Visitors can also download the bilingual Dolores Huerta Mobile App, which includes a video interview with HuERTa, in which she talks about her life and work as a civil rights activist.

Caragol worked as a curator at the Smithsonian's National Museum of American History in Washington, D.C., where she curated paintings, sculptures and Latin American art history. Europäische Moderne "is a curated exhibition of her works in the permanent collection of the museum. The exhibition, curated by the Museum of Art and Art History's Director, Dr. Jose A. Peralta, will be on view at its new location in San Diego, California, until December 31, 2016.

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